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720 Queen Street West Toronto ON M6J1E8

Terroni is a mythology performed, an accretion of subjectivity somehow retaining universal meaning. An offering in acknowledgement of the presence of the universal mind: the mind of a hungry man. The restaurant is an essential place for those that feed it, off of it, and for those it feeds; A nucleic pool of some strange and beautiful sort; the centre of many interloping circles. Terroni is among those rare beasts which remind us that a restaurant proper is a theatre of asides, or at least approximately so, more raw and dynamic, certainly more drama, but no less rehearsed. Terroni is beautiful like the sound of babies crying in church during sermon: a hopeful symbolism is created here by the continual collision of two key elements: people and food, people and food, people and food. Very simple food, very beautiful people. Not to mention, very nice espresso.